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AUGE NEXT | Augmented Europe – Next Challenges is a project co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme by the European Union.

AUGE NEXT will engage youths and creatives to navigate the challenges of the future of Europe in the time of pandemics, climate change, digital transitions, economic transformation, and war. The project aims to explore current living, learning, and working environments from the perspective of four European countries: Latvia, Germany, Italy and Greece. with a Europe-wide inclusion and outreach. 

Youths and emerging artists will be involved in co-creation programmes to build communities through the Artathon (Nov. 22), which will be simultaneously organised in the partner cities of Milan, Riga, Berlin and Athens. Afterwards, participants will learn to develop innovative languages and perspectives (data, AI, VR) in capacity-building WEBINARS, apply to an interconnected Fellowship programme (2022-23), and co-create digital artworks (2023-24) that seek to raise awareness around the urgent issues that shape Europe’s connected future. The resulting work will be presented in exhibitions (2024) in Milan, Riga, Berlin and Athens, and at a joint final hybrid event (2024) in Milan.


The project will provide opportunities for emerging creatives to learn digital languages, work with tools designed for audience development, engage in youth outreach, and gain first-hand insights on societal and global challenges.

This programme of transnational exchange and collaboration aims to

  • Spread current know-how while shaping future competences
  • Enlarge a community of youth and emerging creatives working towards the future of the EU
  • Cultivate understanding of digital tools that facilitate dialogue beyond physical borders

AUGE NEXT – Augmented Europe | Next Challenges –  builds on a community of 700 youths from Italy, Germany, Greece, and Latvia that have previously worked together at Augmented Europe 2020, supported by the Europe for Citizens Programme. They co-created ideas and visions around four core challenges:

  • Diversity and social inclusion – Milan, Italy
  • Climate change – Riga, Latvia
  • Future jobs – Athens, Greece
  • Nature | Data | Narratives – Berlin, Germany


Milan, Italy

MEET Digital Culture Center, is project lead of AUGE NEXT. It is an Italian organization that supports digital culture and creative technologies. MEET delivers a massive plan of “on life” – online and on-site – activities that bring people together to experience and embrace digital technology as a part of their daily lives and as a resource for creativity.

Berlin, Germany

Public Art Lab (PAL) is a Berlin-based action research lab and platform for urban media art that investigates, curates, and produces artistic projects in the urban public sphere at the intersection of media arts, urban planning and creative technologies.

Riga, Latvia 

RIXC, Center for New Media Culture, is an art gallery, and an artist collective, initiating projects in the intersection of art, science and emerging technologies.

Athens, Greece

ADAF, The Athens Digital Arts Festival, is an annual international gathering of artists, scientists, and technologists celebrating digital culture by exploring the interconnections between art, science, and technology.

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Project Partners

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