Artathon Auge2nd

Riga Artathon

21 September 2023

Blockchain, Art and Climate: Challenges for Green & Digital Future artathon takes place on Thursday, September 21 at 15:00 (EEST // Latvia time) online and onsite in the National Library of Latvia in Riga, Latvia as part of the RIXC Art Science Festival 2023: Crypto, Art and Science, organized by the RIXC Center for New Media Culture.

Berlin Artathon

14 June 2023

The event was hybrid, organized by Public Art Lab with the support of Media Architecture Biennale, with participants in presence in Weimar (Bauhaus-Universität Weimar), participants online from the other 4 countries, with the aim to work together on the 5 challenges into the theme of ‘Nature Data Narratives’.

Barcelona Artathon

27 April 2023

Six groups of young people led by facilitators, artists and experts will reflect on how digital awareness can become a tool for inclusion and growth. You will spend a multicultural day with face-to-face groups and connected people from Milan, Berlin, Riga and Gdansk, designing together solutions for a more just and sustainable future.

Milan Artathon

27 April 2023

A joint creation event where a multidisciplinary team of young people under 30 worked to develop visions and actions that inspired future ways of living together.
Youth communities in Italy, Germany, Spain, Poland, and Latvia had worked together to explore the challenge of Media Literacy and Digital Awareness




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