Webinar on NFT with Eleonora Brizi

On Monday, March 25, from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. CET MEET Digital Culture Center will host the Workshop held by curator Eleonora Brizi on NFT and Cryptoart: a journey through the history of NFTs, how these digital assets were born, and how the Cryptoart space developed until today. As well as through some of the most important NFT platforms and their different approaches to collecting and selling NFTs. With a final dive into the world of blockchain as a medium and the exploration of artworks that wouldn’t exist without this technology’s conceptual and technical application

Eleonora Brizi is a curator of digital art, known primarily in the emerging crypto art movement. After graduating in Oriental Studies in Rome, she moved to Beijing, where she worked as an assistant to Ai Weiwei and curator Jérôme Sans. In 2018 in New York, she discovered the experiments between art and blockchain. In 2020, she curated the exhibition “Renaissance 2.0” in Rome, followed by the book “Crypto Art Begins” in 2022, a collection of interviews with artists in the crypto art field.


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The in-person event will be at MEET Digital Culture Center in Viale Vittorio Veneto 2, Milan, in Porta Venezia.


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Webinar on NFT and Crypto-art with Eleonora Brizi

25th March 2024
Hosted by
MEET Digital Culture Center

NFT Webinar

25th March 2024

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