Auge 2nd

AugE | Augmented Europe is a project funded by the Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values Programme (CERV)

AUGE 2nd is aimed at involving European youngsters, actively and through digital media – to shape the future of Europe. They will be supported by young “artivists” (artists that are also activists) to shape new ideas to boost visions, dreams, actions that will inspire and guide future ways of living together in Europe in a more sustainable, inclusive and beautiful way.

Five cities for five challenges

Five cities will be interconnected during 2 years across seven transnational, phygital, participatory events to shape ideas and projects on 5 challenges:

  • Milan: Media literacy and digital awareness
  • Barcelona: Gender diversity and inclusion
  • Berlin: Climate change and space colonization
  • Riga: Blockchain and future economies
  • Gdańsk: Democracy and public health

130 young adults will work together in the AUGE Artathons, interactive and participatory events that will be organised from March to November 2023.

How to participate?

To participate in the Artathon you must send your application by filling in the form in the Artathon page, places are limited!

If you are based on the artathon city you can join physically, if you come from the other cities, you will join online.

Why participate in the Artathon?

By participating in one of the 5 Artathons you will be able to:

1) attend an inspirational workshop by a guru expert on the challenge;

2) work in a group with participants from other cities to explore the challenge together and activate a transnational community;

3) participate (alone or with a small team) in the ideas competition that will award the winning idea with 1,200 euro as support for your project;

4) be invited to the final event to be held in Milan in April 2024 during the Design Week.

Project Partners