SUNSET AI WORLD is an anthology art project that came to life in 2022 through a collaboration with Artificial Intelligence. Its primary purpose is to raise awareness among people regarding the objectives outlined in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, a global initiative promoted by the United Nations. The project has been meticulously designed to create a comprehensive digital ecosystem that seamlessly connects various digital platforms and fully leverages the potential of web3 technologies.

The creation of content in SUNSET AI WORLD is an ongoing dialogue between the artist and AI. This collaborative exchange ensures a deep understanding of the artist’s original concept and allows the AI to process it effectively. The materials generated by the AI serve as a wellspring of inspiration for the artist and their team, providing fresh perspectives and insights to inform the final content creation.

SUNSET AI WORLD offers a diverse array of experiences for its visitors, including visual narratives, video installations, virtual reality exhibitions, collections of NFTs, live performances, traditional, animated, and virtual reality short films, participatory games, and musical albums.

The narrative of the project, developed during the residency program, is set in the futuristic society of 2121, a world where AI technology has led to a groundbreaking digital utopia. Through the form of a video game and a specially crafted video for the immersive room at MEET, viewers can immerse themselves in a digital reality that transcends traditional storytelling and delves into the profound consequences of an AI-mediated existence. As participants journey through the futuristic landscape of 2121, they engage with the stories of six characters, confronting the implications of a future where the physical world has been forsaken, and nature reclaims its space.

This project is underpinned by the strong conviction that the convergence of human intelligence and artificial intelligence holds immense potential within the cultural sector. AI can enhance human creativity, enrich cultural experiences, preserve cultural heritage, and promote inclusivity. Nevertheless, ethical considerations, such as transparency, fairness, and environmental sustainability, must guide its integration, endorsing a responsible and ethical approach.