The programme consists of the following community building modules:

  • Introduce the focus groups to the procedure of the artathons through WEBINARS
  • Organize simultaneous five hour ARTATHONS to identify and brainstorm the challenges of shaping Europe in the AUGENEXT partners’ cities of Milan, Riga, Berlin and Athens
  • Release a MANIFESTO & VIDEO to convey the ethical values, methods and tools of  AUGENEXT for the fellowship
  • Develop an interconnected FELLOWSHIP PROGRAMME in each partner city
  • SELECT FOUR ARTISTS for the fellowship programme
  • Present the artists’ work in EXHIBITIONS in Riga, Berlin, Milan and Athens – Showcase all work in a final HYBRID EVENT in Milan

25 November 2022 | 11am-6pm

An artathon is an innovative approach that allows for
co-creation dynamics between artists and youth to address societal challenges. Artathons will be organised simultaneously in four partner cities: Milan, Riga, Berlin and Athens.
During these working sessions, emerging artists, young creatives, city makers, and climate activists will exchange ideas and perspectives on urgent challenges related to both local and European contexts. These sessions also serve as the seeds from which communities can be activated later during the fellowship phase.

Art can be an activator of social innovation, allowing to anticipate future scenarios and give direction to innovative policies in the light of sustainability and social inclusion.
Artists’ thinking out of the box can build multidisciplinary bridges with people from different backgrounds. Cross-sectoral engagement and interdisciplinary collaboration can increase targets’ engagement and art-driven value creation. 


During the co-creation process, youths and artists from the AUGENEXT community will be invited to attend international webinars on the following topics:

  • Webinar on Data and Media Literacy 
    Hosted by MEET on Thursday 9 February from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

    Workshop on memes, modified images, synthetic media, fake news, data-visualisation, artificial intelligence and immersive narratives, with the aim of developing a critical sense towards the information one encounters online, questioning the great ethical challenges of digital and creating content in a more conscious manner.
  • Webinar on social media awareness
    The webinar will focus on how to make youngsters aware about risks and opportunities of social media (schools will be involved)

Webinars serve as capacity-building and training sessions, designed to convey information and methodologies to larger groups of online and transnational participants. 

April to October 2023

The fellowship will be announced through an open call for participation. Four artists will be selected by an international jury and invited by the partner cities of Milan, Riga, Berlin and Athens to spend at least two weeks in the respective cities. During their residencies, they will envision, create and develop artistic prototypes which relate to local and European-wide challenges. The selected artists will closely collaborate with the community of youths and creatives previously activated by the artathons.

February 2024

Digital artworks/showcases/artistic prototypes produced during the fellowship programme will be presented in exhibitions across the four partner cities of Riga, Berlin, Milan and Athens. These local events will create public awareness around the AUGENEXT project and its related challenges.

April / May 2024

The event is aimed at presenting the 4 prototypes to create audience’s awareness on the topic. A joint hybrid event hosting work developed in all four partner cities will be held at Milan to cap off AUGENEXT and this phase of the Augmented Europe project.