We are pleased to announce that the winner of the Milan Artathon Call for Ideas is Haralds Dravnieks with the project Hyperverse: Exploring XR Game Environment for Artistic Research and Imagination Development

On Wednesday, March 15th, the Artathon took place in Milan. It had been a joint creation event where a multidisciplinary team of young people under 30 worked to develop visions and actions that inspired future ways of living together.

Youth communities in Italy, Germany, Spain, Poland, and Latvia had worked together to explore the challenge of Media Literacy and Digital Awareness through 6 themes:

  • Digital utopia – in presence at MEET
  • Data surveillance & use of data – online
  • Psychological impact of social media – online
  • Fake news & deep fakes – online
  • AI, human-robot relationship & chat bots – online
  • Digital economy & blockchain – online

After the ideation phase, a sharing moment was held, where the results obtained by each group were presented. Starting from the following day, a call for projects was opened, from which a winner was selected for the prize of 1,200 euros.


Inspirational workshop on data visualization – 1h

Co-creation session, working in groups – 2h

Inspirational talk on the AI and its role in the media contents production – 30 min

Presentation of the groups’ outcomes – 30 min

From the day after the artathon and during one week we will open the call for projects and choose the winner.

Choose which theme to work on and sign up! Places are limited (30 in Milan, 25 from each of the following cities: Barcelona, Berlin, Riga, Gdanz).

Do you want to actively participate in the Artathon? Fill in the registration form

If you participated in the Artathon on 15 March, tell us about your project idea by filling the Call for Ideas!

For more informations: info@meetcenter.it

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