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With the support of the European Union’s Creative Europe program, the AUGE NEXT cooperation project launched four Fellowship Programs for Digital Artists in Residency organized by the project partners in four European countries: Italy, Latvia, Germany, and Greece.

Each of the four AUGE NEXT Fellowship Programs consisted of a 6-month Prototyping and Production period (from September 1, 2023, to February 28, 2024), including an on-site Residency (lasting up to 2 weeks) taking place in one of the hosting countries.

The AUGE NEXT Fellowship Programs were designed to support young European artists working in various fields of digital media art, including immersive art (XR/AR/VR), data visualization and sonification, AI/ML, and others.

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Challenge 1:
Digital Utopia between human intelligence, AI and Nature: is a symbiosis possible?
Hosted by MEET (Milan, Italy)

Challenge 2:
Climate, Immersive Art and Energy.
Hosted by RIXC (Riga, Latvia) 

Challenge 3:
Nature | Data | Narratives for climate engagement.
Hosted by Public Art Lab (Berlin, Germany)

Challenge 4:
Expanded Metaverse: Meta-realities and future scenarios.
Hosted by ADAF (Athens, Greece)

Project Partners